MeterPlugs is the meter plug-in company. Our sole focus is to provide you with exceptionally well-crafted meter and analysis plug-ins. No hardware, no effects, only meters. MeterPlugs is a privately owned company that is located in Toronto, Canada.

Software by MeterPlugs

K-System meter. True Peak detection, LKFS perceived loudness metering, K-System compatibility, and pink noise monitor calibration combine to give audio engineers the tools they...
LCAST Loudness Meter
Loudness meter. LCAST makes it easy to take loudness measurements and supports the latest loudness standards, ATSC A/85, EBU R128 and ITU BS.1770-2, which aim to eliminate loud...
Mastering utility. Ian Shepherd's Perception, by MeterPlugs lets you bypass complex FX chains and make level­matched comparisons—quickly and easily. You can use it to compare the...
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