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Products include Snapz Pro 2, a sleek utility that lets you grab virtually anything you see on your Mac's screen and immediately transform it into a usable picture file or QuickTime movie.

Software by Ambrosia Software

One tap access to any audio clips. Like the cart machines from broadcast radio days, Soundboard provides a quick way to enhance your podcasts or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical...
WireTap Anywhere
Audio grabber. WireTap Anywhere is a low latency audio tool that lets you take the audio output from any Mac application or hardware input device and bring it into your...
WireTap Studio
Audio recording, editing, and management. WireTap Studio is a professional audio recording, editing, and management solution, allowing you to manage and manipulate your audio with ease. Discretely record...

iPhone/iPad Apps by Ambrosia Software

THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SOUNDBOARD FOR THE MAC 2.1 TO FUNCTION Soundboard Remote allows you to control Soundboard for the Mac from your iPad! With Soundboard...
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