AudioSpillage Software develops MiniSpillage, a free drum synthesizer for Mac OS X

Software by AudioSpillage

Drum synth. At the core of DrumSpillage lies a high resolution multi model synthesis architecture. Rather than create a complex 'one size fits all' generic drum synth...
Drum Machine. Elecktroid effortlessly blends synthesis and sample playback in a single integrated package. Combine the depth and power of drum synthesis with your existing...
Drum synthesizer. MiniSpillage is a free professional quality drum synthesizer plugin from AudioSpillage. At the heart of MiniSpillage lies a high resolution DSP audio engine and...
MiniSpillage Pro
Drum synth/sampler/sequencer. Get the best of both worlds with the sample and synthesis capabilities in MiniSpillage Pro. Whilst MiniSpillage was a pure drum synth the pro version bridges the...
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