Intelligent Devices

Intelligent Devices was founded in 1995 to provide state of the art audio solutions to the Pro Audio community. Our software and hardware solutions represent over fifty years of true expertise in audio recording, enhancement and speech processing.

Software by Intelligent Devices

Marshall Time Modulator
Special delay. The Marshall Time Modulator is one of those creations. Before there was much "digital" anything, and before records were considered something anachronistic and...
Multi-tap delay. MegaDelayMass is a multi-tap delay plug-in. Think about this: up to 100 separate delay taps that can be either rigidly time synched or completely randomized. Go...
Morpher/mangler. Lip-N-Slide by Intelligent Devices is a unique frequency domain audio morpher/mangler. It offers several different frequency domain effects, each with a...
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