AuraPlug was founded in the summer of 2008 by software developer – electrical engineer Rammer Zsolt. AuraPlug develops VST effects. VST, or Virtual Studio Technology is a now standard technology that can be used to create virtual instruments and effects. Our field of activity is a field special even within VST effects; the simulation of guitar amplifiers, loudspeakers, and effects. Our goal is to make high quality virtual effects that are easy to use for musicians and sound engineers, which we aim to sell at a low price.

Software by AuraPlug

Guitar amp. AmpFire is a special effect designed for metal guitar players. AmpFire is a preamplifier, distortion, power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator in one....
California Sun
Amplifier simulator. The California Sun is a classic guitar combo amplifier simulator with two channels (Clean and Dirty). Features: - 2 channels, Clean and Dirty - Level, Drive,...
Distortion. EddieVsHeaven is a free distorsion plugin for guitarists. EddieVsHeaven contains a complete guitar rig in a stompbox form. There's no need for additional plugin...
Distortion. Fuzz-Stone is the second plugin in Freetortion Series. The Fuzz-Stone is a '60's styled guitar fuzz tone pedal which simulates the Legendary Stones' Satisfaction...
Fuzz-Stone Ge
Distortion. The Fuzz-Stone[Ge] is a great Fuzz style Germanium transistor distortion simulator. Check out our sound samples. Fuzz-Stone Features: - Stompbox design - Level...
Red Skull Distortion
Distortion. Red Skull Distortion is an aggressive high-gain distortion pedal simulator with chunky metal tones for playing Nu Metal, Grind Core, Hard Core, Trash Metal or...
Pitch-shifter. Whamdrive is a VST plug-in to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. It allows you to pitch an incoming audio stream in realtime with an external MIDI foot...
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