IKlax Media

IKlax Media is a software company based on innovative digital audio technology: the iKlax. The iKlax format is a multi-track digital audio format allowing various actions on musical data.

Software by IKlax Media

iKlax Creator Free
Create multi-track iKlax files.. IKlax Creator Lite is the freeware software which allows to create multitrack audio file encrypted in iKlax audio format. Thanks to its very ergnomic layout,...
iKlax Creator Pro
Create multitrack iKlax files. Fully uncurbed and fitted with new functionalities, iKlax Creator Pro is the standard of interactive music creation in multitrack iKlax format. It privileges...
iKlax Music Player
Multiformat Audio player compatible with iKlax interactive music format. IKlax Player is the first multiformat (mp3, wav, wma, ogg) audio player that is compatible with the interactive multitrack iKlax audio format (read more about...
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