Lewis Keller

Stand alone Max/MSP patches for Mac OSX.

Software by Lewis Keller

Blob Player
4 channel sample mangler. Blob Player 1.0 is a four channel sample mangler and virtual instrument for Mac OSX. Settings for start point, end point, playback speed, filter frequency,...
Jupiter FM
FM synthesis and modulation. This used to be part of tune into jupiter...now it's its own thing.
Granular sampler. Granular sampler with 2D field of preset interpolation nodes. more crazy sounds.
ratio rhythms
Polyrhythmic pulses. Hear polyrhythmic pulses whose pitch is tuned to their position in the harmonic series.
Sonic Refrabulator 2007
Audio looper/player. Sonic Refrabulator is a four voice audio looper/player for Mac OSX. Each voice has independent control of pitch, speed, volume, panning, delay, distortion,...
tune into jupiter
Listen to radio programs from jupiter. Listen to radio programs from jupiter or modulate your own earth sounds. improved version 2 adds pitch masks, midi control and other goodies.
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