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Stillwell Audio focus on VST plugins that are easy to use, easy to get great results out of, and easy on your pocketbook.

Software by Stillwell Audio

EQ. 1973 is a tribute to the Neve 1073, often considered to be one of the best large-format console channel modules ever made. Punchy, detailed...
Bad Buss Mojo
Distortion. Bad Buss Mojo allows you to dial in specific tweaks to a virtual mix buss amplifier. Is the + rail a little low? Dial it in. PSU not quite as stiff as it could...
Compressor. Bombardier is a buss compressor tailored for smooth and musical processing of complex audio such as drum groups, vocal stems and your full stereo mix, lending a...
Event Horizon
Limiter. Event Horizon is a "Peak-Eating" Limiter - it's a clipper with an optional soft-clip circuit. By truncating waveforms short of where the DAC would go into...
Major Tom
Compressor. Major Tom is not your ordinary compressor. It was designed with very specific goals in mind, and blew completely past them. Major Tom is intended to be easy...
Transient Monster
Transient processor. Transient Monster is simplicity itself. Only 2 controls: Attack, and Sustain. That's all folks !!
Reverb. Verbiage is a flexible algorithmic reverb. Separate control over early and late reflections, stereo or mono in (input mix), stereo or mono out (width), flip wet...
EQ. Vibe-EQ is all about color. The more boost or cut you dial in, the more color and funk you get
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