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Brilliance Pack
3 vintage 'Presence' modules. The Brilliance Pack provides authentic emulations of the EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ units, which were built in the early 1960s to supplement the EQ on the legendary...
EMI TG12413 Limiter
Classic compressor/limiter from the original Abbey Road mix desk. TG equipment was used on many classic records and this limiter was featured on every channel of TG consoles used to record The Beatles "Abbey Road," several Pink...
RS124 Compressor
Vintage compressors emulations. The RS124 Compressor Plug-In provides authentic emulations of the valve compressors that were introduced in 1960 and in constant use at the studios throughout...
TG Mastering Pack
Mastering. The TG Mastering Pack comprises authentic emulations of the Tone Control and Presence/Filter modules from the TG12410 console. Built in the early 1970s, the...
TG12413 Limiter
Vintage compressor / limiter. The TG12413 plug-in is an emulation of the compressor / limiter from the legendary EMI TG12345 mixing console, which was used on many classic recordings such as...
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