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Magic Vox
Hybrid synth. Magic Vox is an "innovative playable and expressive musical" virtual instrument which uses guitar harmonics as a basis for the creation of new sounds. Twelve...
Piano Trilogy
Three unique virtual piano instruments.. Piano Trilogy presents the ultimate piano VST collection, with three unique piano instruments based on sampling ,synthesis, and physical modeling techniques....
Virtual acoustic piano. PianoBoy VST offers you a realistic and sonically beautiful acoustic piano for only 34mb of your hard-drive space! Based on Musicrow SCS technology, PianoBoy...
Preamp Emulator
Emulates the way tube preamps behave and sound.. Preamp Emulator emulates the way tube preamps behave and sound. It will add the typical saturation and warmth of real tubes to your digital tracks! Preamp...
Shaker Maker
Shaker Maker will turn any rhythmic content into a natural shaker rhythm.. Shaker Maker is a special VST effect that will turn any rhythmic content into a convincing natural shaker rhythm. Shaker Maker can produce a wide variety of...
Vintage Strings MkII
Virtual string machine.. The string machine (also called string ensemble or string synth) was invented by ken freeman in 1970 as an attempt to replicate the sound of orchestral strings....
Vinyl Boy
Scratch your audio tracks in real time. Vinyl Boy brings DJ scratching directly to your studio, with the advantage of precise midi treatment for the exact results you need. With Vinyl Boy you can...
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