Humanoid Sound Systems

VSTi manufacturer. Humanoid Sound Systems is based in Edinburgh in the UK and was founded in 2006 by John Proctor, a professional software developer who has been working on experimental projects based on Scanned Synthesis since 2003 and has been creating and recording electronic/digital music since 1992.

Software by Humanoid Sound Systems

Hybrid synth. Enzyme incorporates all the popular features of our Scanned Synth Pro, but takes its scanning synthesis in several new directions simultaneously. Sample import...
Enzyme Player
Synth player. The Enzyme Player VST/AU synth plugin contains the complete synthesis engine from our acclaimed Enzyme synth, which has won awards for its innovative design and...
Scanned Synth Pro
Synth. Scanned Synth Pro is a virtual instrument designed to create "rich complex digital tones and fantastic sound effects", while using simplifed controls and...
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