Neyrinck Audio

Neyrinck was founded in 2005 by Paul Neyrinck with the creation of SoundCode For Dolby Digital, the first plug-in featuring Neyrinck's innovative integration of surround encoding and decoding into Pro Tools. Paul Neyrinck has designed many legendary audio products since 1988 for Orban, Digidesign, Focusrite, and Trillium Lane. Neyrinck products are marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide through a distribution network of value-added dealers and distributors.

Software by Neyrinck Audio

Mix 51
5.1 Surround Panning And Surround Mixing For Pro Tools LE. Mix 51 is a powerful 5.1 surround panning and mixing plug-in for Pro Tools LE systems. Unlimited mono Surround Panner and stereo Surround Panner plug-ins can be...
Ten 5.1 Inputs Digital Monitoring. V-Mon 3 is a powerful surround monitoring plug-in system for Pro Tools HDX and HD Accel systems. V-Mon flexibly monitors and meters up to ten 5.1 inputs, eight...
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