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KR Phaser
Phaser. Free phaser - Adjustable Rate from 0.1 to 5Hz - Adjustable Depth from 0 to 100% - Feedback control from 0 to 100% - Center frequency adjustment. -...
Delay. Features: * Input selector - Left, Right and Stereo * Stereo, Link and Ping-Pong modes * Host Sync mode from 1/64 - 1/1 plus T and D modes. *...
KR-Fatter STR
Spectral enhancer. KR-Fatter STR is a modular hybrid plug-in processor using two different proprietary time and frequency domain dsp platforms in a single unit. The frequency...
KR-Imager STR
Stereo image enhancer. KR-Imager STR is a stereo image enhancer audio plug-in with unique processing capabilities. In a conventional stereo imager enhancer design the input audio...
KR-Reverb FS
Easy to use Reverb. KR-Reverb FS is an easy to use Reverb processor based on features found on the Reverberation module of our commercial product KR-Space. KR-Reverb FS is designed...
Reverb-echoes based multi-effect. KR-Space is a superb quality modular reverb-echoes based multi-effect plug-in which can produce a multitude of different types of effects, from traditional...
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