Eiosis : high quality and innovative audio plugins (formerly known as Eliosound)

Software by Eiosis

Equalizer. AirEQ® is a new musical equalizer created to meet every single expectation of musicians, mixing engineers and producers. It's been conceived to be the high...
AirEQ 5.1
EQ 5.1. 5.1 version of the AirEQ. Features : - Multichannel 5.1 plugin : allows equalizing 5.1 busses with unprecedented ease of use. Dedicated LR, LsRs, Center...
Deesser. The E²Deesser features Eiosis' patented, exclusive processing structure and algorithm to bring you a new approach to de-essing. The E²Deesser is unique in that...
Transient processing. The E²Transienter brings a unique, simple and powerful approach to transient processing. In fact it is far more than a simple transient designer, and it can be...
ELS Vocoder
Vocoder. The ELS Vocoder uses the same filtering techniques that a real analog vocoder, which allows you to get the same sound, the same precision and the same clarity...
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