MODARTT is a company that develops and provides software, hardware and consulting services for artistic and technological applications. MODARTT also supports the KIViR project (Keyboard Instruments Virtual Restoration), offering digital restoration of historical keyboard music instruments present in museums. The Pianoteq model has been developed in the prestigious research laboratory MIP at INSA Toulouse, France. It is an innovating tool for music creation and can be useful not only to musicians but also to piano manufacturers and piano tuners for simulation and training purposes.

Software by Modartt

Virtual piano. Pianoteq is the result of an academic research and results in what we call the fourth piano generation. This is the very first, and only, piano available that...
Pianoteq PRO
Virtual pianos. Pianoteq Pro is the advanced version of Pianoteq. It features the note per note adjustment for physical parameters which gives you the ultimate tool for...
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