ArcDev Noise Industries

ArcDev Noise Industries makes nonstandard vst plugins for nonstandard musicicians.

Software by ArcDev Noise Industries

Bufferoverride. My homage to the immortal bufferoverride.. buffer-sampling stuttery glitch box with a nice x-y pad & useless-but-cool wave scope.
Cyclotron X2
Virtual synth. Recreation of the legendary Cyclotron, realtime granular synth.
Cyclotron X2
Granular resynthesis and more. Welcome back Cyclotron, oh mightiest of pitchshifting realtime granular sample&fuckuperers. Reborn with extra added glitchery, modulation and a cool...
Echo. Optimised arcDev bucket-brigade echobox. Retains the same sound as the 100, adds (optional) tempo-syncing and stereo operation.
Echo. The current, optimised arcDev bucket-brigade echobox. Retains the same sound as the 100, adds (optional) tempo-syncing and stereo operation.
FL Live
Live control. Runs as a standalone app (will also work as a vsti in the right environment) and gives Abelton Live-style clip triggering control over Live Mode patterns in FL.
Beatslicer. H4xxor is a simple beatslicer featuring twelve user-definable slice regions, each mapped to a midi note. A sample is loaded, optionally stretched to fit host...
Lo-fi effect. The mother of glitch-noise-monsters, HBeast is a 5-part parallel processing speaker-endangering multicrapfx shredder. Features assorted colours, (almost)...
Mainliner X2
Bass monosynth. Here's the rebirth of the infamous Mainliner, designed specifically for big nasty dnb basslines. Twice, no thrice, as good.. 3x3 oscillators, 3 LFOs, 3 EnvGen, 2...
MIDI sequencer. OmniSEQ is a freeform looping MIDI note sequencer. It consists of 24 'points' in an x-y grid, where x (horizontal) position denotes time, and y (vertical)...
Resonant tuned-delay bank. A resonant tuned-delay bank playable via in-gui keyboard and incoming midi notes. Works as a resonant auto-chordifier, atonal dronebox, and much else..
Multisampler. A simple tool to take some of the work out of multisampling a hardware synth or drum machine. Records one octave of notes (12 samples) with specified velocity /...
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