Developper of INetSynth, a virtual synthesizer for mac and pc

Software by Keytosound

Dynamic EQ
A dynamic equalizer. The Dynamic EQ is a 64 bit, zero latency signal processor that combines the functions of a compressor with the results of an equalizer. The combination of these...
Essential Compressor
Compressor. The Essential Compressor is an extremely versatile and transparent compressor, designed for the discerning engineer who does not want any coloration or character...
Synthesizer. The INetSynth runs a True Stereo® Signal Path (two signals, left and right) throughout the entire preset, starting with the oscillators, passing through...
Hybrid synth. Nexsyn combines sample based key-map playback with an advanced synthesizer engine. It is the first software instrument of its kind to offer NetNotes, a preset...
Precision EQ
A 7 bands equalizer. The Precision EQ offers precise equalization, featuring an FFT representation of either the input or output signal, you can see your equalization results, even...
Synthesizer. Features : - Portamento with Automatic Setting or user set amount - 5 voice Polyphony - Monophic Mode - Legato Mode LFO Section: - Global ON/OFF - 6...
Vintage EQ
EQ. The Vintage EQ gets its name from the warmth and character you hear when passing a signal through this EQ. Features : - FFT display of incoming and...
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