Massey Plugins

Massey Plugins is a small 3 person shop. The company began in February 2006 with the release of the vt3 EQ. The VST 2.4 version of the Tapehead is the most recent release to the public.

Software by Massey Plugins

Compressor. The Massey CT4 compressor provides clean and smooth gain reduction, but with a little punch. The CT4 comes with both RTAS and TDM plug-in types and supports Pro...
Compressor. The CT5 provides clean and smooth gain reduction, with a little punch. I designed the CT5 to have both electro-optical and vari-mu characteristics. Users have...
Drum replacement tool. DRT is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plugin which effortlessly converts drum tracks into MIDI or audio "clicks" with near flawless accuracy. Use your favorite sampler...
Limiter. The L2007 from Massey Plug-Ins is a new mastering-grade look-ahead brickwall limiter. The L2007 will increase the loudness of your stereo mixes.
Saturation plug-in. Add a little saturation to your mix. Make your drums fuller & louder. Add some grit to vocals.
Analog tape delay. Simply put, the TD5 sounds and acts like a real-life vintage tape delay. Deep, thick, gritty, and three dimensional. The TD5 has up to 2 seconds of delay time,...
Distortion Stompbox. THC is a highly accurate analog-modeled distortion pedal. THC delivers true analog-like sonic quality. THC can be used to dirty up any audio material -- try it...
Eq. The vt3 is a 3-band equalizer with a crisp, unique sound. The vt3 is also extremely DSP efficient. A Pro Tools HD DSP can run up to 34 mono channels. HD Accel...
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