Virtual Creations

VST and AU audio plugins for Windows and Mac OSX, Webdesign from Hamburg, Flash and Actionscript

Software by Virtual Creations

3Li73 Reducer
Bit- and Rate-Reducer. Bit/Rate-Reducer vst audio effect with pre- and after cutoff filters. Runs on most vst hosts. Gives you the ability to create Daft Punk like chord sounds, cool...
Synthetic Bass Basic
Electric bass. E-bass emulation. Synthetic Bass Basic features ADSR volume envelope, ADSR filter envelope, 8 waveforms, fake aftertouch slap (controlling Filter Delay Amount),...
Phaser. UltraPhazer is a multi oscillated phaser plugin. It sounds very cool on guitar tracks and on raw saw sound. It can also be used as stereo enhancer and auto panner
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